Explore a museum in Bric-A-Brac Museum! This was made for the Bric-A-Brac bitsy jam. Hope you like it!

Made withBitsy


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hey sorry to post off topic here, but do you have an email address (or twitter or discord) where i could send you a message asking about your bitsy games? thank you!

Hi, thanks for commenting! Yes, I do have a discord, message me anytime: VexPol#7880.

hey i tried to add you on discord (candle) but it didn't go through i think... i can ask here though now i got the details together online:

i'm making an archive + exhibitable hardware player for bitsy games, and i am looking for permission to include your work, three questions here about including and crediting you https://github.com/Ragzouken/bitsy-archive/blob/master/README.md 

Hi! The request went through, check your discord.